Love Potion

Love Potion: The CIA wants the drug and will kill to get it...

michael williamsImagine a drug capable of negating violence, replacing it with feelings of profound love and compassion. A drug like that could take those destined to a life of crime and turn them into productive citizens.

Renowned psychiatrist Gabriel Schaeffer and colleague, Angela Chen, developed OX312. Gabriel uses it in treatment of those with violent mental disorders, Angela in marital therapy for couples on verge of divorce. Their intentions were noble. However, the pharmaceutical industry gets wind of this discovery and wants to sell the "love potion," for profit.

The CIA also has plans for Schaeffer's treatment, to pacify terrorists as an alternative to waterboarding. They want to remove his from the equation-and use good old-fashioned violence if deception by their beautiful agent doesn't work.

© 2014-2018 Dr. Allan Zelinger.

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